Mother’s Day Gifts, Part 1


The finished product

Mother’s Day may have been Sunday, but I’m just getting around to typing up the gifts I made.  Being perpetually short on cash, and always egger to make things from scratch I decided to make some homemade bath products.  This is part one of two, because I made not only the sugar scrub featured here, but also bath fizzies.

I got the recipe from my friend Martha Stewart.  I have wanted to make the scrub since I first saw it in her magazine, and since I’ve been subscribing since before my children were born, I figured it was time I make something other than cookies from the magazines.

Sugar Scrub
adapted from Martha Stewart Living

2 cups cane sugar
1 cup carrier oil (more on this below)
Essential oil


It’s pretty simple, just mix the sugar, oil and smelly stuff together and you’re set to go.  There are somethings to consider though.

The carrier oil can pretty much be any type of oil you want.  I went with grape seed oil because it has naturally occurring vitamin E, which is awesome on your skin.  I’ve heard that mineral oil isn’t the best for you, but if you want to use something like baby oil or bath oil that’s up to you.  I’ve also heard that olive oil is really good.  I’d recommend a light olive oil though so the smell isn’t as strong.

The original recipe said you could use salt or the cane sugar.  I decided not to do that because I know that I often have cuts and scrapes on my hands and legs, and that the person I specifically made the scrub for also has that problem.  I just couldn’t bear the thought of scooping salt up with cuts on my hands, the thought alone is enough to make me cringe.

For the ecentail oil, I suppose that you could use the cheep stuff that they sell at Michale’s or WalMart for soap making, but I decided that I didn’t want to do that.  My local health food store seels natural essietal oils, so i figured since the rest of the ingrediants were all natureal, I might as well go that way with my scent as well.  I picked Tangerine.

Mixed upThe sugar I used had a strong smell too it, not bad, but it kind of masked the smell of the tangerine.  I can tell you that it comes out when heated though, because I used it in the shower this morning and the smell was heavenly.  Like a fresh peeled tangerine.  I loved it.  Also, very nice on my perpetually dry feet.

Now, how to pack it.  Ideally these would go into plastic jars that if dropped in the shower wouldn’t result in cut feet, but as I said, I’m a bit low on cash.  So, I just packed them up into some half pint jelly jars.  It made about three half pint jars.

All packaged up

Because of the oil I’d recommend keeping the decorations to a minimum.  I putt a ribbon around the bad and a label on the lid saying what it was an when to use it by.

With ribbonAs for how long it will keep…I’d be careful not to keep it too long as the oil can go rancid.  I just looked at the use by date on my bottle of oil and use that as a guide.  If you can’t find a date I’d say use it within six months.

Part 2, bath fizzies will be up some time soon, I’ll link back to it when I’ve got it done.


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  1. I’ve actually heard of making this scrub with epson salt, oil and lemon zest, which I think I saw in Martha Stewart’s Living. I love a great homemade gift.

  2. I saw the salt and lemon zest one, but I’ve always kind of been intrigued with sugar scrubs, and I’ve always got so many little scrapes on my hands that the though of rubbing salt in them just doesn’t appeal to me. But I bet there wouldn’t be as much of an interference with the smell as there is with the sugar. Homemade gifts are really the way to go, their so much more personal.

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