Easy Chocolate Pudding Pops


Have we discussed the summer doldrums yet? The period of time in the summer when its looking like it will never end and at the same time quickly slipping away?  When the kids sit like lumps on a log because they don’t want to go outside and play because its too hot?  When they wish they were this dog?

Sadly, we don’t have a pool.  At least, not one that’s going to have enough room in it to just lounge around.  All the public pools are always packed to the max this time of year. Even if we’ve got to be hitting record lows.  So, what’s there to do.  How do we break out of the dullness that is summer vacation?

Well, if you’re me then you start school for the summer and take four classes in half the time.  I think i may have suffered a brain injury of some sort when I registered for classes because i don’t know what I was thinking.

If you’re my kids you bug me and bug me until we make pudding pops 🙂

When I was a kid I remember making Popsicles with paper cups and plastic spoons.  They were a blast!  I loved them.  This year, for the first time, I thought I’d introduce my children to the joy of these simple summer time treats.  I got 3 oz Dixie cups from the store and set about finding something small enough to put in as the stick.  I could have just got bigger ups and used spoons like my mom did, but I wanted the smaller size because they would be easier to share and provide better portion control.

I thought about using craft sticks, thinking that if they’re good enough for the pros they’re good enough for me and while walking through the isles of my local Wally World came across mini crafts sticks!

So, stick in had we set out to make pudding pops.  It’s really easy.

Chocolate Pudding Pop

1 large box instant chocolate pudding
3 cups milk
Dixie cups (the paper ones you’d use in the bathroom)
Craft sticks, or plastic spoons if your cups are big enough

  • Mix the pudding with the milk.

  • Whisk until the pudding is well combined, but not thickened.  It’s easier to pour when its still a little liquedy.

  • Line up your cups on a cookie sheet or other flat stable surface.  Fill the cups as full as you’d like to.  I decided to fill them about half way full.

  • Insert sticks into the pudding.  This is where the pudding is nice.  If you used juice, you’d have to let the them freeze up for a bit before you insert the sticks so that it doesn’t float or become all crooked.

  • Clean a level spot in your freezer so that the cups don’t tip over on the cookie sheet…And then wait.  We made them before I went to class, which is two hours, and when we came back they were hard, so I’d think that if your frezer is cold enough it’ll only take about two hours.

The only thing left to do after that is eat them.  Just peel the cup off the sides.  These cups seem to have a problem with the bottom sticking.  It doesn’t just pop off like I remember, but they still came out OK.

The kids really liked them, as you can see Bud and Boo are both enjoying them.  Another plus with using the pudding is that its a a little slower melting than a juice pop.  Other than getting pudding all over there faces, there were no sticky hands because of drips.  And, you can fit them in your mouth completely.

Bud wants me to make jello pops. I’m not sure how that will work, frozen jello on a stick, but I’ll post if and when that happens.


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