Toy Clean Up


That crazy mom, Kelly, is at it again.  This weeks cleaning challenge, kids toys.  Again, this is something that I needed to do.  And again, I didn’t take any pictures.  It’s that scary.  Instead, lets pretend that the mess in my closet looked like this:

or perhaps like this:

or even this:

Actually, that ones not that far off.  Though, not my kids room, they’ve got an old school metal bunk bed.

So, lots of toys, never getting played with and half of them broken.  This is not a good thing, and I was sick of it.  I knew I needed to go through them, get rid of them, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I just needed a push in the right direction.

So, thanks to Kelly’s post this past week I decided to do it.  I sent the kids to my mom’s because I knew it would be almost impossible to get rid of their toys while they were still here, and went about going through the toys.

First thing I noticed, my kids have a lot of crap.  I don’t mean toys that I don’t like, but toys that are broken, and things that are dirty and beyond being cleaned.  I decided that I needed two different garbage bags for this job.  I turned their toy box upside down (not too hards as most of the toys were on the ground) and set about putting the toys away.

Anything broken went in the trash bag, things that were in good condition that the kids never played whit went in the donation bag, and the toys we were going to keep went back in the toy chest.  I got rid of all the wooden block and was trying to decide what to do with the toys they play with that have little parts (legos and Mr. Potato Head) when I realized that I’d found the perfect use for one of those plastic drawer sets that I’d picked up for less than $2 at a yard sale last weekend.

When i got done I had a bag and a half of trash (broken toys and papers and other plastic things that the kids had put in the toy box while “cleaning” their room), 2 bags of toys to donate, a bag of mega blocks that were never played with to give away and a bag of wooden blocks to give away.

And the end result:

Is it perfect? No, far from it.  But its better than it was.  I’m sure I’m going to find toys all over the place that I wish I’d gotten rid of, but nothing I can do about that now.  I’ll wait a few months and do it again.  Will they miss some of the toys that I got rid of?  Maybe, but I stick with my choices.

Stay tuned next week for my results of the next summer cleaning challenge, and if you want, you can play along too.  Just visit Kelly’s blog every Friday to see what she has in store for us.


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