Thankful Tuesday


It’s that time of the week again to think about what we are thankful for.  And boy do I need it.

  1. Rain, because I live in the desert and when it rains, not only is it good for the plants, but it makes it cooler.
  2. Sun, because I live in the desert and it’s freaky weired that it’s rained more then 10 times this summer.
  3. School, because it gives me something to do when the kids are gone, and now that its over I kind of miss it.
  4. Cars, because it’s hot here, and today its humid, and I don’t like to walk in that.
  5. DVR’s, because I am far too attached to my TV shows and this is the only way for me to keep up with them.
  6. Friends, because they’re always there for you when you need them
  7. Church, because when ever you don’t want to go and do they’re talking about the one thing you really needed to hear.
  8. Jam, because with out it peanut butter would just stick to the roof of your mouth.
  9. Old game shows, because there’s just something about the jokes that they tell.
  10. Zucchini, because it’s good stuff and over abundant this time of year.

Thank you all for letting me share my list with you.

(Link with Thankful Tuesday)


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  1. I.Love.This!!! Great list 🙂 I’m thankful for my DVR too… although I don’t use it like I used too… I will when the new season starts. Thanks for linking 🙂

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