Product Review: Panda Express Orange Sauce


So my lap top was out getting its screen fixed (it flickered something fierce) and I got it back yesterday. This should be a good thing, yes? No. Because they wiped my hard drive. Not a big deal mostly, as I’ve got everything backed up, but there is one thing I’m annoyed at. One of my Photoshop disks is completely destroyed so i can’t reinstall it. I am not happy. Because of that I don’t have photo editing software right now, so my posts will be a bit different.

I love fake Chinese food.  I love real Chinese food too, but the stuff that they sale at Panda Express is not real Chinese. But I love it anyway. I especially love the orange chicken. But you know what, it’s deep fired and it’s kind of expensive. So when i saw the orange chicken sauce in the grocery store I had to try it.

The first time I tried this sauce was at a tasting at Costco. They were pairing it up with the Dino nuggets that they have that the kids will only eat about half the time. I knew I could do better. So, I got a bottle and took it home.

What I did was saute up some chicken breast strips. I find it easier not to have to do the whole bone and skin thing, especially in the evening when I’ve been gone all day and the kids are telling me that they’re starving. Chicken breast strips, either bought that way or cut from whole breasts, cook quickly. I made up some minute rice (I know the actual stuff tastes better, but minute rice is quicker) and server the chicken over the rice with the sauce poured on top.

The sauce is very think and sweet, so a little goes along way. There’s a bit of a kick to it (like the chicken you get at Panda Express) so if you or someone you love is sensitive to it heat, take it easy.

Over all I’d say that this is a really good sauce. It adds a little something to dinner that you don’t usually get, or at least not in my house.


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