Thankful Tuesday


Another Tuesday another day without internet L because of that I don’t know when this will be posted, but I’m hoping that it’ll happen today when I’m at school. I’ll have internet there. And by the time I get home I should have internet at my house! That would be a grateful thing indeed.

  1. Abba-upbeat, fun songs that my kids sing along with, who can beat that?
  2. Purdue OWL-if you’ve ever had to write an academic paper this website has come in handy.
  3. My Dad-he turned 59 this week, didn’t complain about getting older and sat at my house all morning waiting for the cable people to fix my internet
  4. Avocados-nothing says good fat like a cool creamy avocado
  5. Chocolate-nothing cures a bad day like a bar of chocolate
  6. Eyes-without them we wouldn’t be able to do most of what we do
  7. My brain-do you know how your brain works? We cannot create artificially what our brains do automatically. It’s amazing.
  8. Readymade BBQ beef-ok, so maybe not traditional or what others would want, but it works for me and its quick and easy and tastes good.
  9. Shoes-because shoes keep your feet safe
  10. Socks-because without them your feet would smell in your shoes.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!

(linked with thanful tuesday)

(ps, I got my internet working!)


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  1. That my very well be my favorite list ever! I love that.. I also love that your number 1 for the week is ABBA lol lol. 🙂 I’m glad you got your internet working and thanks SOOOOO much for linking up 🙂

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