Monthly Archives: March 2012



Sorry for the yelling in the title, but I love The Beach Boys. When I was a kid I remember putting on my dads old Beach Boys records and pulling the cushions off the couch and pretending that they were surfboards and just ROCKING OUT!!!! It was a blast. I don’t have picture of my as a kid doing it, but I do have the memories.

The other day I was talking to my boyfriend about new marketing strategies that they are using at his work and he said that they are going to have the music that’s played in each month match the theme for the month. I mentioned that I bet one of the summer themes was going to be the beach and I thought of the Beach Boys, because they remind me of pillow surfing and the beach with my dad and the sand and warm sun and I got to really missing those old times.

I decided that I needed to pull out some beach boys and when I realized that I didn’t have any Beach Boys on my iPod, I went old school (so to speak) and bought a CD of the 20 best songs at WalMart. Today I put it on and started listening with my kids. I got up and started dancing…well, more like hopping around and swinging my arms. My kids thought I was crazy. My son was sitting at the table playing with cups making cup towers and my daughter was sitting on the couch looking at me like I’d gone crazy.

I grabbed a pillow and started “surfing” and my daughter finally decided that it wasn’t so bad, because anything that lets you jump on pillows can’t be bad, though she was still a bit dubious. Half a song in and she really stated getting into it. And then my son had to see what all the commotion was about.

During “Be True To Your School” we were jumping and dancing all over the house. And when “Surfing USA” came on we all grabbed our surf boards and hung 10 and just had a blast. My son called us all crazy, but he and a huge smile on his face and he was having a blast and it was all sorts of fun!

SO, today I’m bringing you a Beach Boys Party. Listen to the songs and see if it doesn’t just make you think of summer and the beach and dancing and being young again.