Speaking of Mules


The rodeo is in town. Which means that everyone busts out the cowboy boots and hats and complains about the smell of house manure all night. I’ll be honest, I’ve not gone to the rodeo in a while. The kids, while they like the idea of it, don’t really find it all that enjoyable. Maybe I’m not doing it right, but they just don’t seem to care how long the cowboy can stay on the horse. We’ve never even made it to the bull riding as they always get too tired before anywhere near then. And it’s always so freaking hot.

But that is beside the point. Also with the rodeo comes the kindergarten field trip to see the animals. Every year, the kindergartners form the local elementary school trek up to the arena where they have the rodeo and look at all the animals.

Yup, those are the little darlings. Who, by this point, were hot and tired and out of water. And most of them were annoyed that we made them stand facing the sun to take their pictures. Except for the two girls wearing the cowboy hats. They didn’t care.

But there was more to this trip than just being hot and bothered by poop smells. There were animals!




These ones even had babies!

There were steers,

and bulls (big ones, really big ones),

and one poor mule.

There was a donkey too, which almost lead to a biology lesson that the teacher wasn’t entirely comfortable with thanks to one of the aids who was nice enough to point out that a mule was a cross between a donkey (which there was one of) and a horse. But luckily, the kids were more interested in the story of another kid who’d been at the rodeo the night before who talked about how the clown rode the mule and got chased by the donkey (which looked like a baby).

All in all, I think the kids had fun. By the time they got back to the school they were all exhausted, but they liked looking at the animals. That is, all except my daughter, who wanted me to leave her at the rodeo grounds by herself, walk back to the school, get the car and pick her up. She was hot, she was tired, and she was grumpy. She was nice enough to poss for one last picture before we trekked back to the school though.



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