GUEST POST: Time for Yourself

My good friend Kelly has been published. I don’t know how she does it, she’s got three kids, a full time job and a husband (which we all know is sometimes as bad as having another kid). She has asked to post here and on my other blog in order to promote her new book. I highly recommend that you check out not only her blog (info at the bottom of the page) but also her book (links to that also at the end of the page).
In this crazy, fast-paced world, how do you find the time to do something you (not as a mother, as a woman) want to do? In my opinion, there has to be a balance between your duties as a wife and/or mother, and your duties to yourself as a woman.
It’s not easy. As a writer trying to get my books out with a full-time/out of the house job, three kids, a house, and a husband who would like it cleaned occasionally, I have very lovely purple and black bags under my eyes. Plus, at 31-I have some of the most spectacular threads of gray… er silver… in my hair. But, to me, it’s worth it. But don’t let me kid you… it is a sacrifice (and everyone in your family will feel it)—I don’t have much free time to do anything other than mama/teacher stuff and writer stuff, but that’s okay. It is filled with something I feel good about… spreading the word about God (I write Young Adult/Christian books).
Do you have dreams that are personally and not related to being a wife or a mommy? Can you see yourself doing them? Is it something you feel God has put on your heart? Remember, if God wants you to do it, He’ll give you the time. Pray about it, and see where God takes you J
 CROSSING THE DEEP (Astraea Press): OUT OCT. 9, 2012
Sixteen year old Rachel Harker expects the church sponsored hiking trip in the Smoky Mountains to be short and painless. Four days later, injured and scared, Rachel prays to just make it home alive.
Asher Jenkins, fellow hiker and handsome skeptic who is only on the hike so he doesn’t have to go home and face his abusive ‘uncle’, finds Rachel in the woods and tries to get her back to Deep Creek Trail. A small hole hidden under the fall leaves causes her ankle to twist and forces Asher to leave her to get help. As night falls, he comes back, unable to find the right trail.
As hours stretch into days, an unexpected rainstorm bears down the mountain, flooding Deep Creek and cutting off their way home. Rachel puts all of her faith in God to save them. Asher thinks believing in God is a waste of time and does what he can to prove to Rachel that He doesn’t exist.
With their food gone and the temperature dropping, time is running out. Will Rachel be able to do what needs to be done to get home? And can Asher find faith when he needs it the most?
~Kelly Martin is a writer, blogger, mommy, teacher, wife, sleep deprived lady (not necessarily in that order). She writes young adult/Christian fiction. Her second book, SAINT SLOAN, is coming late winter 2013. For more information on her, please visit her blog at
Digital book available to purchase at Barns and Noble, Amazon, and Astraea Press

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  1. Glad to be of assistance. I can’t wait to read the book (it’s on my list, after my school ones). I’ve not seen The Mentalist at all this season. It makes me sad. I’m thinking of all the stories that you’ve written (that I can remember off hand) and want to know which one i reminds you of.

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