Five Minute Friday “Roots”


Ok, ignore the fact that it’s Sunday.  I came across this when reading my friend Kelly’s blog INKsperation last week and thought I’d give it a shot this week. Basically there’s this blog by Lisa-Jo Baker where every Friday she posts a one word prompt and you write for five minutes and then post it. You’re not supposed to edit it at all, but I did run a spell check through mine, because, really, you don’t want to read my unspell checked work. It’s scary.

This weeks prompt was “Roots” and this is my five minute writing spew on it (done on Write or Die because it’s a good way to time myself)

I have a very large family. Not just immediate family (there are nine kids in my family) but also extended family. At least on my mom’s side (my dad has two sisters and both of his parents were only children, I have just two cousins on that side). On my mom’s side I come from pioneer stock. That might not mean much to most folks, but around here it’s a point of pride. My family crossed the plains, they survived heart ache and challenges. And, once they got to where ever they thought they were going they were informed that they need to move again, to settle in unforgiving country. My family settled in Orderville. A tiny little town in southern Utah about an hour east of Zion National Park. My family line can be traced to the second wife of a man named Hardy. But that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you were from the first wife, or the second (polygamy, that’s a beast for another day), what matters is that you can trace the line. My pioneer ancestors have taught me a lot. Mainly, that they had it worse than me so who am I to complain when the internet is running slow or when the A/C goes out. They didn’t have A/C. They walked across the plains pushing and pulling wagons and hand carts. They left everything they knew. And the lived. If they can live through that horribleness, those challenges and trials, well then I can live through these little things in my life. My family is what makes me strong.

(though I don’t know if I have family in this picture, it is from Orderville in 1917 so you never know, I just don’t have any digital copies of family photos handy)


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  1. Very cool, Kathi-ann! My people didn’t travel that far. We got across the Smokies and thought, “Whew… that’s enough.” 😉 Love that you are doing FFF. I need to do it more often.

    • On my dad’s side I can trace back to the revolutionary war and beyond. But I’m most proud of my mom’s family for the whole trek thing, and that one of my favorite great-something grandmas lived in Mexico for a while and I’ve read her history. She was awesome and amazing. And I googled her and found stuff on her, so I’m not the only one who thought she was cool. I was thinking of naming a child after her, then my mom beat me to the punch. Anyway, I ramble. Thank you for reading and commenting. It makes my day!

  2. Five Minute Fridays are fun. I started writing them a few months back. I was out of town this last weekend, so, just got mine written and posted today (Wednesday). Yes, I spell check and do a little editing of mine also.
    That is so cool that you know how your family came to be in Utah. I don’t know how/why mine came to Nebraska. There was a stop in Iowa first.

    • I only know why the one branch of my mom’s family came. Other than that I don’t really. I mean, I know how my grandparents ended up places, but not their parents or their parents, etc. Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  3. My father was three years old in Orderville when that pic was taken. He, I, am descendants of Priddy Meeks. He remembered Mary McCleve. Said she was crotchety. From some of those pics in the DOP building their, they were all tough.

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