The Forest of Hands and Teeth: A book review

I really enjoyed the Hunger Games series. My boyfriend has been on the search for a similar post apocalyptic book for some time now. We’ve read several, “The Forest of Hands and Teeth” by Carrie Ryan is just one of them. This isn’t a bad book, if just could have been so much more.

The idea behind this book is sound. A small village lives cut off from the rest of the world–if there is a rest of the world–after a zombie apocalypse. All of the elements are there. Tails of life before that few believe as more than myth or legend, a “hero” bothered by the statuesque, a cover up conspiracy…but its still lacking.

The obligatory love triangle seems forced. The protagonist comes off as a whiny spoiled brat who is so self centered that she didn’t care what happens to the people she is supposed to love. The “evil” rulers of the village are more annoying than frightening and I ended up feeling sorry for them in the end.

I know this is a zombie book and that pointless death is to be expected, but all the death in the book seemed hollow to me. Mary spends three fourths of the book saying how much she loves and hates the same people. When they die she didn’t morn them or learn from their deaths. They didn’t even seem to effect her at all.

Perhaps this is just the wrong type of book for me. It reminded me of the horror/monster movies that seem to be so popular. Everyone dies brutal senseless deaths, sometimes at the hands of the people who are supposed to care for them, and then it ends. Honestly, I think this book would have been better served with another 50 to 100 pages of character development or plot development. But hey, it’s being made into a movie, so I could be completely wrong on that.

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