My Favorite Flavor


So, while trying to think of something to post (something that wasn’t depressing or school related) I stumbled upon the daily post from a few days ago and it got me thinking. The prompt was “32 Flavors: Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or something else”. I started to think of my favorite flavors. Chocolate of course is one of the best. My favorite store at the mall is See’s Chocolate, they have some of the best (all be it the sweetest) specialty chocolates around. One of my favorites is the Scotchmollow, the combination of rich dark chocolate, honey marshmallow and thick chewy caramel is to die for.

I could eat a whole pound of those if I would let myself. But that’s probably not the best idea.

Aside from chocolate, I really like apples, especially when mixed with caramel (I’m sensing a theme here), but I recently did a post on apples so I won’t do another one.

But one of my all time favorite flavors is salted caramel. Especially in the winter, because in the winter Starbucks has their salted caramel hot chocolate and it’s just to die for.

The first time I had one of these amazing drinks was a few years ago. My friend who I was with was a bit dubious of the salt that they sprinkle the drink with, but I knew it was going to be good. Salt, as I’m sure most people know, is a flavor enhancer. While most people think of it as a flavor itself, it is the most powerful when pared with other flavors. Think about it. What’s a nice stake with out a sprinkling of salt, a backed potatoes tastes much better with a bit of salt on it and, wither you know it or not, cookies are just that much sweeter when salt is added to the mix. This coco was no exception. The salt, added as a finishing touch to the top of the caramel drizzled cream, enhanced the flavor of the coco. It made it just that much sweeter and richer. At the end of the season when they put away their specialty coco flavors for the summer I wanted to cry. I waited patiently through the summer, sipping passion tea lemon aid and hopping that it would get cold soon…though not just for the coco but for relief from the 100+ temperatures that my area is known for. When the weather did start to turn I was in the drive through line of my local Starbucks, waiting impatiently for the first sip of my coveted coco. It was everything I remembered and more.

Each year I look forward to the colder temperatures so that I can get my favorite coco. Yes, I know that I can make a convincing copy at home. I can get the Starbucks coco powder, chipped cream, caramel topping and fancy salt, but it’s never the same as the first cup of coco of the season, served in a paper cup with an insulated ring of cardboard protecting my fingers from the steaming liquid inside.


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    • Boo (which is what I call her on this blog) is looking forward to the letter. She is very excited. I might do a post on how that works here in a bit. I don’t do coffee (the whole religious thing) but I do love their coco. And chocolate in general. I actually have a half pound of chocolate in my bedroom right not waiting to be eaten (ok, so most of half a pound of chocolate). It has to be in my room or my children eat it, because they love See’s chocolate too.

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