Book Review: “Emeraldalicious”


I’d like someone to show me a little girl in America who had not read or at least heard of the Pinkalicious books. The original story was very cute. A little girl turns pink after eating too many pink cupcakes, but she doesn’t care at first because pink is her favorite color. As the book goes on though she decides it’s not as fun being pink as she thought it would be and has to eat a bunch of icky green vegetables to turn her regular color again.

The original book was written by what I’m assuming are sisters, or at the very least sister-in-law’s, named Elizabeth and Victoria Kann. I can imagin how the decision to write the books went down, one night they were talking about a daughters love of the color pink and how funny it would be if they ate so much pink things or had so many pink things that the little girl turned pink! And then one said “Hey, we should totally write that as a book.” And the other was like “Awesome idea!” and BAM! we have “Pinkalicious” a cute silly book about a girl who loves the color pink. I’m sure when they wrote it they didn’t realize that they would be spawning an empire that would include a plethora of other books, dolls and other merchandise and even a Broadway Musical. Little girls everywhere what Pinkalicious birthday parties complete with pink cakes and tiaras and wands for everyone, in pink of course.

I loved the original book. I loved the second book, “Goldalicious” about an imaginary pet unicorn. The third book wore me out a bit, and by the fourth book I was kind of loosing my interest. By that point there were a number of other books besides the main picture books. There were easy and beginning reader books, meant to capture the aging demographic, there were sticker books, there were all sorts of books. But you know what, none of that matters. And do you know why? My just turned six year old loves them. She got a “box set” of the first four picture books for Christmas from Grandma, she reads them in the bathroom, she reads them in bed, she plays Pinkalicious. She even has the crown from Burger King that we’ve had for ages and it probably the best made toy from a kids meal we have ever gotten.

Tonight, when we walked into Barns and Noble for our usual look through the kids book section without the intention of actually buying anything, my daughter was ecstatic when we were almost immediately hit with a display of these books:

Yes, that’s right. It is a brand new Pinkalicious book. And this time it’s all about being green. I don’t really have much to say about the book. It’s cute in the way that all the Pinkalicious books are cute, and it features her brother Peter (who isn’t afraid to admit that he likes the color pink too) which is nice. And my daughter liked it, which I suppose is the most important thing considering she’s the target demographic for this book. I liked that it had a “green” message without ramming it down your throat like some books can do. The one thing I will say is that at times it seemed like it was trying too hard. While reading it to my daughter in the books store I found myself constantly having to start paragraphs lower than I normally wold because almost all of the sentences ended in an exclamation point. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but they are learning about punctuation in school and she knows that an exclamation point is supposed to be excitement, so yeah, that is always fun.

All in all, if you have a little girl in the house, she will probably love this book and want you to read it again and again and again. And really, isn’t that the point?


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