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Exploring Our New Home: Riverside Park


I finally did it. I finally moved across the country to attend school. I am on my way to being a big bad counselor. Ok, not big and not bad, but a counselor nonetheless. It was a journey, a tell best saved for another day, and we ended up in a completely different area than we thought we would. Being so far away from anyone and anything familiar is a challenge for me. But we are making the best of it. We are bound and determined to have fun by doing free things. First on our list: explore all the local parks. To that end, we’ve been making weekend trips to the various parks in the region. The first one that we visited was Riverside Park.

Riverside Park

I’d like to pretend that I had some sort of special reason for picking this park, but I don’t. I googled parks in Lynchburg and this was one of the first on the list. I thought with a name like “Riverside” we’d be able to get down to the river…not so much. However, there was a really cool looking new play ground, and a super awesome splash pad. Not like the one back “home” but still pretty cool.

It’s a TRAIN!

We didn’t get to do the splash pad because we didn’t bring towels, but we did do a bit of walking about and we had fun on the old play set. Had I realized how wooded the area would be–and I don’t know why I didn’t realize it would be with the shear number of trees around here–I would have made sure the kids were wearing real shoes and possibly pants so we could do some of the hiking trails. Maybe we can do that next time. We didn’t see all of the park, but we still had fun.

Old school playground had a giant metal caterpillar for climbing.