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Cool Things to End the Year


I can’t believe it’s almost New Years. My the time does fly. I’ve seen a lot of lists and the like on the most important things we’ve learned, the most influential people, the most whatever of 2013, but there was only one list that I thought was pretty cool. BBC’s News Magazine’s list of 100 things we didn’t know last year. On the list of 100 things, there were a handful that I was really impressed with and thought I’d share.

  1. Hot coco tastes better in orange cups. Yup, there was a study done by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University of Oxford that showed that participates felt that coco served in orange mugs tasted better. Too bad the mug I got for Christmas was white.
  2. There is a whole host of surnames in Briton that are in danger of going extinct. There are a few reasons for this, the one that stuck out to me was that during big wars, WWI and WWII, neighbors, who usually had the same last name, would sign up together, and get killed together, thus decreasing the number of people with a particular last name. It’s pretty sad when you think about it. Names that will never be again.
  3. You can’t cry in space. Ok, you can, but your tears don’t fall. I’ve seen several of the videos done by this astronaut showing how things work in space, but this one was really cool. Much like regular water, tears just clump together in a ball in space. Watch the video, it’s pretty nifty.
  4. Babies smile, frown, and grimace in the womb. So a recent study of 4D ultrasounds shows that babies at 36 weeks were showing multiple and complicated facial expressions. The researchers said that this is probably so that babies can communicate via facile expression as soon as they are born, so that we can tell if they are in pain or are uncomfortable.

There were more, but those are the four links that I clicked through to to read more about them.