Knowing When to Shut Up


I wrote this post 4 years ago, and never published it. It’s a stream of conscious type post, just airing my insecurities, but I figured I’d post it now, if for nothing else, to get it out of my drafts box.

I’m sure no one else out there has this problem. The whole knowing when to just keep quiet thing. Usually I don’t do to bad. If someone says something I don’t agree with (and as it’s election season someone is always saying something) I don’t usually have a problem. I just take a deep breath and move on. I can ignore posts on Facebook, I can not participate in conversations, I can keep my mouth shut when I know it’s just going to get me into trouble.

But, when it comes to school, I don’t do nearly as well.

I’m taking a class this semester (my first as a Master’s student) on research. The class is actually called Educational Research and due to an overlap in degrees, it is a class taken not only by counseling students, but also by education students. That is, people going for a masters in education, special education, MATH, anything to do with education are in this class. Most of the people haven’t been in a college class in ages. This is one of the first classes that is suggested to take. It’s really handy. I’m mostly enjoying it. I’m learning a lot more about education than I ever thought I would. A lot more than most parents do I think.

But, I find myself doing too much talking in the forums. We’re hammering out our research projects, I’m looking at perceptions of counseling therapy in emerging adults and senior citizens, and I’ve been posting a lot. The assignment is to help the other students hammer out the fine details in order for them to write a research proposal. And I’ve posted a lot. I want to help, but I’m afraid I’m coming off as a bit brash. People don’t respond to my posts. I don’t know why.


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