Park Time


Another languishing post. This one is old enough that I don’t even live in the state in which the park mentioned is. Again, no pictures, but that’s ok. Because I want to clean out the drafts box…so I can fill it up again!

My kids’ school district is attempting to get older elementary school kids up and moving. Bribery, works like a charm. If parents sign a calendar saying their kids has done 30 minutes of exercise a day than they get a prize each month. This month it’s a pedometer. I had to tell my son what a pedometer is, but he thinks it’s cool. Anything for a free “toy”, right?

So, I’m attempting to have both my kids (even though the “prize” is only for 3-5 grades) do this challenge. And I’m doing it too. As both my kdis at least walk home from school each day (ok, really to grandmas, but that’s beyond the point) I’m less concerned with them running around as I am with me.

And I’ve discovered the best park near my house. It’s got a play structure (a big one) and a sand box (which the kids love) and the best for me, a walking path. It’s gorgeous.


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