Thankful Tuesday 1/10/17



Here we are again. My gratitude list from this past week:

  1. Health-I am a relatively healthy adult, I have health insurance (not the best, but still decent), and more importantly, I can access health care should I need it.
  2. Gas (for the car)-with out access and money to purchase gas for my car, having that nice car I mentioned last week would be pointless.
  3. Fast food-how many times have I gotten home late from work and just not had the energy to cook? Fast food (in many forms) has saved me.
  4. Libraries-I’m typing part of this list from a local public library. Where I have access to books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, and a whole host of other media or free. Just for living where I do.
  5. Internet-a whole world at my finger tips. How amazing is that?
  6. WiFi. While I’m on the subject, how awesome is it not to be tethered to a wall just to go on line? My son likes to say that people who say they can’t live without WiFi are silly, because you can still hard wire a computer to get online. But I do love me some good WiFi.
  7. Cellphones-I remember a day when the only phones were wired into your house. When the term “land line” was unheard of because those were the only phones we knew. I remember when cellphones only made calls. Could I live without my phone? Maybe, but I wouldn’t want to.
  8. Computers-I’m sensing a technological themed list here. I remember in elementary school using an old Apple 2E to play “Number Munchers” and “Oregon Trail”. Oh those old green and black monitors. And now, my cellphone has more processing power. There’s an old movie I watch called “Desk Set” with Katharine Hepburn. They were worried about getting replaced with a giant (and I mean giant) computer. The information they had to store in that thing…and now it can all be found on Wikipedia and Google Books. I love my computer and am thankful that I can afford one.

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