Thankful Tuesday 1/31/17


  1. Birthdays-My daughter turns 10 this week. My baby is growing up. Double digits, can’t turn back now. But her excitement is enchanting. Makes me excited for my next birthday.
  2. Temples-In my religion (I’m LDS, or Mormon) we have our regular meeting houses, and we have tempels. The temple is considered the house of the Lord. They are sacred places. When I am there, I feel peace unlike that which can be felt anywhere else in earth.
  3. Shoes-Having spent time barefoot in places that being barefoot is not the best idea (have tou ever walked on asphalt in the desert in the summer?) Having shoes, or access to them, I’d not something to take for granted. And something that I am very thankful for.
  4. Books-Text books, cook books, novels. They are all amazing.
  5. Movies-Timeless entertainment for the masses.
  6. Cookies-All sorts, types and sizes
  7. Girl scout cookies-especially thin mints
  8. Toes-Did you know that without tows, walking is exponentially more difficult? We rely on on them for balance. I am grateful for my toes.
  9. Music-because it fills my soul with joy.
  10. Repentance-Because I am not perfect.

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