Swap-bot: Something that made me happy this month (#4)


Hello! Back again with another Swap-bot swap. This one is for the group Electronic Swaps, which, as you can imagine, a group dedicated to electronic (e-mail, pintrest, etc.) swaps. This lovely swap has the directions to, as the title suggests, tell about something that made me happy during the month of May.


Girl Scouts at Pilot Mountain

My daughter’s girl scout troop has been working on these bird houses for over a month. To be fair, they only meet twice a month. They are very proud of their work. As a troop they decided the project they wanted to work on was to make bird houses for the local state park. They made houses for Mountain Blue Birds and Brown Headed Nut Hatches. They cut the wood, following the patterns set out by the ranger, sanded, screwed them together, and then stained them with tea to make them look like they belong in the trees. And the other day (May 30th) they went out to the state park to put them up. They all had a blast, and it was a lot of fun to see the fruits of their labor…even if they were too late for the nesting season this year.


Sunset May 17, 2017

I am so not used to the weather in the south. The frequent rain and thunder storms like it’s nothing. Clouds and humidity and rain and sunshine all in one day. But, the sunsets make the on-again-off-again weather worth it, like this sunset from the 17th.

I will guard these mints!

I will guard these mints!

At Walmart on the 4th, we “discovered” this “derp” (as my daughter says) alligator just hanging out in the baking aisle. He made me laugh. I hope he makes you laugh as well.


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