Swap-bot: Let me recommend a book #23


Hi folks! Today’s post is for a Swap-bot swap. This one is for the group Electronic Swaps, which, as you can imagine, a group dedicated to electronic (e-mail, pintrest, etc.) swaps. Today’s swap is about a book I would recommend.

I have recently read (or listened to in the car on my way to work) that I really enjoyed. The first is “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skloot. This book is a real life story about Henrietta Lacks, the woman who “provided” the first cells to grow in culture, and her daughters search for the truth, along with the assistance of the author. One of the reasons I enjoy this book so much is that Skloot manages to take what could be a dry topic (a woman’s medical history, and her family drama) and makes them come alive, as though you are watching them play out live and in person. I was drawn in by the narrative, by the mystery, and by the family dynamic that comes across so well. It has recently been adapted by HBO for a miniseries, which I have not watched yet, but stars Oprah as the titular characters daughter, the one who goes on the journey of discovery.

The second book I would recommend is a memoir titled “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls. The story is her memories of growing up with free spirited parents in the deserts of the western United States, of the challenges of living with an alcoholic father and a mother with undiagnosed mental illness. The journey follows her family throughout the west, before the return to her father’s home town in West Virginia. I think one of the reasons I enjoyed this book, aside from Walls amazing story telling abilities, is that I knew this is a true story. I was compelled to see what happened to her, to her siblings, to her parents. I found myself wanting to google her, and her family, before the story was over to see how it came out. And, there will be a film adaptation of the book coming out this summer.


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