Swap-bot: Share Some Photos!


Hello everyone! Today’s post is for a Swap-bot swap. This swap wants me to share five of my favorite photos that I have taken. Man, that’s a lot of pictures to look through. postcard 1This picture I like so much that it’s going to be the one I send out for a “your own photo” postcard swap later this summer. This was taken recently (June 1, 2017) up on the Blue Ridge Parkway near the Virginia/North Carolina boarder. If I recall correctly, this cabin belonged to a woman who was a midwife and helped deliver an outrageously high number of babies in her time.


A few posts ago I shared about my daughter’s girl scout troop putting up bird houses near Pilot Mountain. I took this picture at the same time. I just loved the way that the stream was going through trees and the light and the green.


This shot was taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway (I like the views) on April 21, 2017. The tree was the wall paper on my phone for a while. I love the gnarled branches, and how everything else is blooming, but this one tree. Just the way it’s like off on its own.

20170119_070706This is the moon shining through the leafless trees on a cold January night of this year. I person it was much more impressive, but I still love the way that it looks. I really like the way things look through tree branches I suppose.


I love Main Street. This was the big snow storm of the year (January 7, 2017) and my kids and I took a walk up through the snow around and about to Main Street, where I took this picture. An hour earlier and there would have been more snow on the roads, but at this point there were a lot of cars that had been driving down melting the snow, and even a few responsible store owners out clearing the snow from the sidewalks. Still, I love the way Main Street looks and the snow.


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