Swap-bot: ESG: My country fun facts 2.0


Hi folks! Today’s post is for a Swap-bot swap. This one is for the group Electronic Swaps, which, as you can imagine, a group dedicated to electronic (e-mail, pintrest, etc.) swaps. Today, I will be sharing five (at least) fun facts about my country. I happen to live in The United States of America (aka USA, US, or America, we suffer from an identity crises).

  1. We consider July 4th, 1776 to be Independence Day…however, the Deceleration of Independence was written on the first, and not actually signed by all the colonies until much later. The 4th of July was when it was accepted by the delegates (and the day we set off fireworks).
  2. The last state to join the Union was Hawaii in August of 1959, Alaska runs a close second in January of the same year (Puerto Rico occasionally votes on joining the Union, but it hasn’t happened yet)
  3. Delaware was the first state to sign the constitution (it’s on their license plates)
  4. The US is home to the first and second largest air forces in the world. The US Air force (of course) and the air force of the US Navy and Marines (the Navy’s Blue Angels are amazing and used to do flyovers at my school when I was growing up)
  5. Longest River in the US is the Mississippi, it pretty much cuts the country in half (almost, it doesn’t come from the Canadian boarder).
  6. It is entirely possible that 1 in 10 American’s are blood relatives to the original pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock (that’s just over 100 people…and I am related to at least one of them, I think actually 2).

I hope you enjoyed my fun facts!


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