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52 Questions #11 Hobbies Part 2


Second week in March, more on hobbies!

I think I do dabble  bit in a lot of different hobbies. Aside from reading (as mentioned last week) and being obsessed over the TV shows I watch, I also like to make collages, cross stitch, and make digital art. I’ve been making magazine collages since I was a kid. Not that I’m very good at it, but I think it’s fun. Cross stitch I’m ok at, just really slow. And digital art…mostly that’s related to the TV show I’m currently obsessed with. I’ve been working on the same cross stitch for over 10 years now. I just don’t put the time into it that I need to to make have it done faster.


52 Questions #10 Hobbies Part 1


First week on March. Theme: Hobbies

I loved to read. Anything I could get my hands on I would read. I always had a book. I would walk home from school reading a book in middle school and high school. I was a late bloomer when it came to schooling, reading especially. When I was in second grade, I was in the lowest possible reading group. I was basically unable to read more than a few words. One of my friends in class was reading the Box Car Children books and I wanted to read them. She had read a few chapters to me and I thought they were so interesting. I remember showing my second grade teacher the book that I wanted to check out of the school library. And she told me no because I couldn’t read it. And that pissed me off. I wanted to read that book and by golly I was going to read that book! Well, third grade came around and it was, to my recollection, a night and day difference. I just started reading. I still can’t spell to save my life, but I can read with the best of them.

52 Questions #9 Friendship Part 3


The last post for February is also about friendships.

I think what I admire most in my friends is the ability to listen, to keep a secret, and to just “be”. I don’t want to have to feel like I’m putting on a show when I’m around someone I’m supposed to be a friend with. I spend my professional life watching every word I saw, judging it for therapeutic value before it leaves my mouth. In my down time I don’t need that sort of stress. I want to be able to just let go and be me, without fear of judgment.

52 Questions #8-Friendship Part 2


More on friendship.

My first “best friend”? That’s a tough one. I’ve always had more acquaintances than friends. But, there is one person, who when I was younger, was a friend to me. Someone that I would spend the night at her house, go with her family to the naval base to go swimming on dependent days (I was the “adopted” daughter because with my dirty blond hair and green eyes I looked nothing like my Filipino friend or her family). Lizza (pronounced like the conventionally spelled Lisa) was a year younger than me, but that didn’t stop us from becoming good friends. We had similar interests (we liked to sing and read) and we were both socially awkward. We lost touch for the longest time, only getting back in touch in the last few years via Facebook. We don’t have much in common any more. She never went to college (or if she did, never got more than an associates degree) and has had more babies that I can remember. She’s married to a guy that no one thought she would get married to, and lives in a different part of the country than I do. Our political views are different too, which has always struck me as off because we grew up in the same church, with similar believing parents. But, it happens. So we like each other’s photos, and occasionally post on each other’s walls. And at least I remember simpler times when we were still kids.

52 Questions #7 Friendship


February continues with love and friendship.

I have a good number of peripheral friendships, friends that I touch bases with only on occasion. Ones that aren’t around very often, mainly due to being on the other side of the country. But I have to say that the friendship I value the most is that of my fiance. We have been together for almost seven years. It will be seven years at the end of April. We’ve been through a lot together. We moved across the country for school together, we got jobs in the same obscure county to be together. And in June we will be married.

52 Questions #5 Achievement


The question for week 5 looks at achievement.

I think that I have already made the greatest achievement of my life. My children. I have two. Almost 14, and, by the time this post is published, 10. A lot of what I’ve done in my life is to make theirs better. They are the reason I went back to school. They are the reason I am on the other side of the country where I attended graduate school and am now working. I knew that if they were going to have a good life, I needed to make my life better. I needed to improve my education. And I know that they have the potential to do so much with their lives. They are my legacy. When I am gone, I will live on through them.

52 Questions #4 Goals part 3


For 2017, the LDS Church has published several different lists to help you start sharing stories of your life. I am partaking in that “challenge”. One post a week, every Sunday, for the whole year. The challenge and the prompts in their various forms can be found here.

This weeks question is also about goals

I will be the first to tell you that I am not good about making and keeping to goals and resolutions. I tend to get complacent, or forget. But, even from that there is a lesson to learn from my struggles. Never give up. If a goal is worth reaching, it can be done, no matter how long it takes. I started back to school in 2007. I graduated with my masters degree in 2016. It may have taken me a bit longer than most people, but I did it. I set a goal and I stuck with it. And I made it.

A compilation of my questions and answers can be found here