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Kids in the Kitchen OR Egg Substitute


Bud came home from scout day camp yesterday proclaiming that he was starving and had to eat right then! Well, I wasn’t in a position to cook food at the moment and told him to make a sandwich or wait the two hours until dinner was going to be ready. He have me his perfect little puppy dog look and asked if he could make eggs and I just about melted and said yes.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m happy that my kids like to “help” in the kitchen. The fact that my four year old can make her own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is a point of pride for me. One thing I’m a bit nervous of though is the kids using the stove. I’ll let Bud use the microwave, and I’ll let both Bud and Boo use the toaster, but the stove and oven are always something that I use. Its not that I don’t trust them, it’s that Bud is 8 and I don’t want him to burn the apartment complex down.

But he was hunger and wanted eggs and couldn’t he cook them just this one time and he would clean up and be really careful, and they had just spent the past 5 hours at scout camp learning all about safety and first aid and he could make scrambled eggs.

So, he made scrambled eggs. I talked him through the whole process, what temperature to put the pan on (ok, so i told him a bit lower than what i cook them on, but you know how fast electric stoves can heat up) and to make sure to keep stirring them so they don’t burn.

And they didn’t burn. In fact, he cooked them perfectly. Not sure how he managed, but he must have seen me cook them enough times to know how to do it. I was so proud of him.

And then I decided to make muffins for breakfast this morning. Apparently I need to review with my little chef that when you use the last of the eggs you don’t put the carton back in the refrigerator.

So, there I was, muffin mix opened (because I wasn’t making muffins from scratch less than an hour before church) and oil and water poured in and no eggs. I was in a bit of a panic. I knew the neighbors wouldn’t be up, so i turned to my old friend google.

I found a list of things that might work as egg substitutes, most of which I didn’t have (like soy milk or tofu), but there was one that suprised me. did you know that ground flax seed and water can be subsituted for eggs?


I know!  Hard to believe. But I decided to give it a go and what do you know, the muffins actually turned out good. I’ve been trying to find ways to add flax to my diet, and I think I found it.

So, things I learned this weekend: My son can cook scrambled eggs with out burning them or causing a fire, and flax is an egg substitute.

OH! And I use the Bob’s Red Mill flax seed meal. Mainly because they have it in my grocery store with the health food. Make sure you get the ground stuff not the whole seeds. Our bodies have a harder time absorbing all the good for you nutrients in the whole seeds.

(still no photo editing software, so none of these pictures are mine, should have all the links to the originals with the photo info)